CAN PMU SE Power Module with HV PM Power cable




หมวดหมู่ : Spare Part


CAN PMU SE Power Module with HV PM Power cable (พาวเวอร์โมดูลและสายต่อ)


  • Brand: CUAV
  • Processor: STM32F103CBU6
  • Input voltage: 10-62V (2-15S Lipo)
  • Maximum current: 0-80A
  • Voltage accuracy: ±0.15V
  • Current accuracy: ±0.3A
  • Resolution: 0.01A/V
  • Maximum output power: 4800W / 90S
  • Maximum stable output power: 3600W
  • 5V regulated output: Maximum 5A, stable 4A
  • Letter of agreement: UAVCAN
  • Operating temperature: -20 ~ + 100℃
  • Firmware upgrade: stand by
  • Interface Type: IN / OUT: XT60-M / XT60-F Power/CAN: 502585-0670 Other: SM06B-GHS-TB
  • Product Size: 140mm (length) * 25mm (width) * 13mm (height)
  • PX4 firmware support: PX4 Pro V1.10.1 or higher
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